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All Roads Lead to Green Leasing

Real estate in the U.S. and around the world is experiencing an astronomical disruption that will reshape the future of buildings, how they are built, operated, and occupied for the foreseeable future. In this column, Audi Banny of the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) explains why traditional leases aren’t working, and why green, high-performance leases are becoming the new standard.
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5 Lessons from the 2021 Green Lease Leaders

A key solution to reducing costs and emissions is green leasing, which is increasingly gaining traction in commercial real estate. In this column from Audi Banny of the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), learn how this year's class of Green Lease leaders is providing a blueprint for how to scale this approach, even in difficult times.
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Decarbonizing New York’s Inefficient Buildings

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every aspect of business and civic life in New York City, but it also offered a strange litmus test of building efficiency: what happens to energy use when offices are empty? This column from Audi Banny, Associate Director, Private Sector Engagement at IMT, explores the inefficiencies uncovered and how IMT partnered with leading New York organizations to dig deeper and find solutions.
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Top 3 Trends from the 2022 Green Lease Leaders

Winners of the 2022 Green Lease Leaders from the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the U.S. Department of Energy's (DEO) Better Buildings Alliance are finding ways to make green leasing advantageous for their business models. In this column, Audi Banny of IMT presents the three most important trends from this year's winners.
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