General Motors revamps lighting for efficiency - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  July 24, 2018

General Motors revamps lighting for efficiency

Efforts to reduce lighting-related energy consumption have brought General Motors closer to its goal of reducing energy and carbon intensity by 20% from a 2010 baseline by 2020 and have generated more than $3 million in annual energy cost savings across 21 global manufacturing and non-manufacturing warehouse site, office buildings, and plants.

According to a report by lightED, General Motors is working with Starco Lighting to achieve this goal, by installing tubular LED lighting in their facilities. GM also recently installed more than 25,000 Starco lamps at their Renaissance Center headquarters.

"For the past three years, Starco has helped us realize increased energy efficiency and cost savings across our global facilities," said Alfred Hildreth, global energy manager at General Motors. "Starco has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our broader goal of reducing energy intensity to achieve a more sustainable future, offering retrofit solutions that fit the different needs of our facilities around the world."


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