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Energy Efficiency, Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  November 13, 2018

BBC aims for Greener Broadcasting

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) published on Nov. 12 a new sustainability strategy, "Greener Broadcasting" to promote the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The company had previously announced targets set for 2022 including reducing carbon emissions by 24%, energy by 10%, as well as committing to buy 100% renewable electricity for all major sites.

"Our new sustainability strategy seeks to address our impact in three key areas: our operations; our role within the wider production and broadcasting industry; and our relationship with our audiences," said Tony Hall, BBC director-general, in a statement. "The strategy acknowledges that our programmes and content can help inform our audiences about the changing world and the actions they can take to reduce their own environmental impact."

The strategy includes investing in sustainable broadcast technology and delivery, sustainable production and a sustainable supply chain. BBC News is currently piloting one of the world’s first electric broadcast vehicles being used by the newsgathering operations team for simple live outside broadcasts in London, such as from court cases.

The statement noted that "to put sustainability at the heart of how it operates the BBC will ensure that its staff are informed and engaged through training and internal initiatives, and work in low-carbon, efficient environments, using minimum resources and traveling only when necessary."

The BBC’s property strategy is also playing a significant part in contributing to its sustainability agenda, including the closure of Television Centre in 2013. As a result, the BBC has seen a reduction of carbon emissions from its buildings and technology.

"We are confident that focusing our work in these areas will bring about a wide-ranging and coherent approach to environmental sustainability in all aspects of the BBC’s creative life," said Hall, adding, "And, from this, additional benefits will follow: reducing energy consumption saves money which will enable us to spend more money on programmes and content."

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