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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  October 9, 2019

Miami-Dade adds 33 electric buses to county fleet

Miami-Dade has agreed to purchase the largest order of electric buses on the East Coast in an effort to transition the county buses to zero-emissions through the electrification of at least 50% by 2035.

The county ordered 33 40-foot E2 electric buses with DuoPower drivetrain train technology and up to 75 plug-in chargers from electric vehicle producer Proterra.

“Florida is one of the most vulnerable areas in the country to climate change, and Miami is working tirelessly to lower its greenhouse gas emissions,” Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez said in a statement. “Deploying battery-electric buses is one of the best actions we can take to improve our environment and our community's public health. We are looking forward to working with Proterra to deliver clean, quiet transportation to Miami-Dade.”

The Proterra fleet of electric buses feature zero tailpipe emissions and eliminate approximately 230,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually for every diesel vehicle replaced. They also feature the longest range of any battery-electric bus in its class, nearly twice the horsepower and five times better fuel efficiency, the company claims.

Proterra will also assist Miami-Dade in installing the 75 plug-in chargers in partnership with the local utility. The chargers are vehicle-to-grid capable and smart-grid ready.

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