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GHG Emissions, Solar  -  November 11, 2019

Cleveland plans solar installations at 16 city sites

The city of Cleveland, Ohio, is exploring options to install solars array at up to 16 city buildings, such as City Hall and Public Auditorium.

Monday was the deadline for vendors to submit proposals for the solar projects, reported. The project follows 10 years of sustainability commitments including the purchase of renewable energy for Cleveland Public Power and is being undertaken in the hopes to cut the city’s electric bills and reduce its carbon footprint.

“A project like this is really leading by example,” Matt Gray, Mayor Frank Jackson’s chief of sustainability, told the publication. “It’s kind of the next step for us.”

The city hopes to award a contract by February, with solar installations coming online later in the year. Program developers currently are planning on approximately half of the systems being rooftop installations and the other half built on the grounds of large city properties, such as the Crown and Garret Morgan water treatment plants.

A study conducted in the city narrowed down a list of 20 sites that would be suitable for the installations. Eleven of those sites would generate enough electricity to pay back the cost of the solar systems within 20 years; two are estimated at 15 years.

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