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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  March 4, 2020

GM to install 3,500 employee EV charging stations

General Motors will be adding 3,500 new EV charging stations for employee use at its facilities in the U.S. and Canada, tripling the amount that are currently accessible.

As the auto manufacturer ramps up sales of their Chevrolet Bolt EV and future GMC and Cadillac, they are pushing for an expansion of a charging network to further encourage EV adoption. The 3,500 new Level 2 charger stations will be installed starting in late 2020, and will allow employees to charge their vehicles at a speed of up to 25 miles every hour.

“This is another step down the path to making EV ownership easier for everyone, especially for our own employees,” President Mark Reuss said in a statement. “Charging infrastructure is crucial to wider acceptance of EVs, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to improve it, both for our employees and for all our customers. We encourage other companies to do likewise.”

Once GM achieves their goal of powering 100% of their facilities with renewable energy by 2030, the EVs chargers  on their campuses will eventually be powered by an all-renewable grid. Additionally, they have committed to the transition of their product line to favor electric vehicles, and the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant will be their first dedicated solely to producing electric models.

“Over 90 percent of EV owners charge either at home, at work or a combination of both,” Rick Spina, vice president of EV/AV commercialization and infrastructure, said in a statement. “We have new EVs from GMC for the 2022 model year and from Cadillac planned for the 2023 model year, and we want to make it as convenient as possible for our employees to enjoy the rewards of EV ownership.”

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