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Sourcing Renewables  -  March 10, 2020

Republic of Ireland to electrify 600 public buses

The Republic of Ireland’s National Transport Authority will be receiving up to 600 electric power and propulsion systems to power its new fleet of buses in Ireland through a deal with BAE Systems and Alexander Dennis Limited.

The initial order to the Ireland NTA will include 100 systems for its buses. For this project, BAE Systems will provide the Series-ER technology for the Alexander Dennis Limited-produced buses to turn the fleet into an electrically powered one. Using this technology, the buses will automatically switch to driving on clean electric power through designated low and zero emissions zones using global positioning software and will switch to battery power automatically when the engine shuts off.

“The Series-ER system is highly reliable and an important step to full electrification for Ireland,” Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems, said in a statement. “This technology gets Ireland closer to zero emission operations, reducing fuel consumption and improving air quality in the areas where its people live, work, and visit.”

The systems also feature increased battery capacity, which will allow for buses to travel further on battery power without needing to recharge.

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