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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  March 18, 2020

Astoria multi-family condo saves with lighting upgrade

The Shore Towers Condominium in Astoria, N.Y., recently completed an LED retrofit project that is expected to save the facility $40,000 annually.

The multi-family condominium in Queens completed the LED project through an incentive of over $73,000 from their local utility. The project was completed by Fairbanks Energy Services.

“The improved sustainability of this condominium, made possible by Fairbanks Energy Services, is a welcome enhancement,” Chona Raskin, President of the Shore Towers Condominium Board, said in a statement. “Residents and property owners alike appreciate the increase in property value, notable annual savings and the improved lighting as a result of this retrofit project.”

The 300,000 square foot facility received lighting upgrades that are expected to reduce their annual energy use by 161,235 kWh. These upgrades included occupancy sensors, installing lights in concrete ceilings and daylight savings controls and attention to fixture types, light levels and color temperature.

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