Dickinson College meets carbon neutrality goal right on schedule - Smart Energy Decisions

Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  April 10, 2020

Dickinson College meets carbon neutrality goal right on schedule

Dickinson College announced April 10 that they have succeeded in becoming carbon neutral just in time for their 2020 goal established in 2007.

The Carlisle, Penn., college cut its own emission by 25% since 2008 and financed the remaining emission reductions through the purchase of carbon offsets. Going forward, all activities such as heating and cooling, the use of vehicles and air travel will result in zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

“Through more than a decade of collaborative effort, the entire Dickinson community has made this ambitious achievement a reality,” President Margee M. Ensign said in a statement. “Sustainability is one of the pillars of a Dickinson education. We are meeting our civic obligation to the future by taking responsible, scientifically supported actions to slow climate change now.”

A major contributor to Dickinson College’s emissions reduction success was the installation of a 3 MW solar field, which alone reduced emissions by 10%. Additionally, the college has engaged in various PPAs that have enabled them to source 65% of the college’s electricity use from solar power.

Dickinson cut energy use per square foot of building by 10% through efficiency improvements to heating, cooling and electrical systems across campus. They also added three dual-port electric vehicle charging stations on campus to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

“We are not stopping with our 2020 goal,” said Neil Leary, associate provost and director of Dickinson’s Center for Sustainability Education. “Our critical work will continue as we make deeper cuts into our greenhouse gas emissions and continue to finance reduction by others, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge and resources with other institutions who want to join us on this path.”

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