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Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 8, 2020

Richmond, Calif., installs solar-powered EV charger

The City of Richmond, Calif., has received solar-power electric vehicle charging infrastructure that will allow for convenient charging opportunities for residents as well as increased resiliency.

The city entered into an agreement with Envision Solar International for its EV ARC 2020 charging infrastructure and deployed the system at Marina Bay Park, which was partially funded through a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The charger is powered by solar and includes an emergency power panel that would allow first responders access to electricity in power outages. The charger will be available for the public to use for free.

“We chose the EV ARC because it is an off-grid solar-powered charger, which saves the City installation construction costs, generates no utility bills, and can be relocated as needed,” Denée Evans of the City of Richmond Transportation Services Department said in a statement. “The addition of the EV ARC complements our ‘First Mile Last Mile’ strategies to increase access and transportation connectivity. The unit is also part of the City’s emergency preparedness and energy resiliency planning. It will serve double duty as a source of electricity during power outages, particularly important with the upcoming Public Safety Power Shutoffs that have become a seasonal fire prevention norm in the Bay Area.”

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