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Energy Efficiency  -  May 21, 2020

Illinois school district plans Phase 2 of energy upgrades

The McHenry Community High School District #156 in Illinois completed a $6.8 million contract for the implementation of a Phase 2 energy-saving project at its West High School campus.

The school district awarded the contract to the Veregy member company, CTS Group, who previously completed Phase 1 of the school’s energy upgrades on the East campus in 2019. The first phase included energy-efficiency ground source heat pump mechanical system upgrades and a 71 geothermal well field, a building automation system and LED lighting improvements. Phase 2 will include similar improvements and construction to the West campus is expected to begin this month and conclude before school resumes in the fall.

The energy savings performance contract estimates that the energy optimization projects at both campuses will reduce the school district’s annual energy costs by $192,000.

"The projects represent a long term financially sustainable commitment and investment in our schools, teachers, and community," Dr. Ryan McTague, District Superintendent, said in a statement. "The money saved through increasing our energy efficiency can be reinvested in our programs, courses, and facilities for many years to come creating a bright and sustainable future for our district."

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