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GHG Emissions  -  May 22, 2020

Minn. city plans expansion to EV charging network

The city of St. Peter, Minn., approved the expansion of its electric vehicle charging infrastructure with the installation of a second charging station in a city parking lot.

City council approved May 11 the purchase of a second charging station for around $29,200, plus the cost of installation, St. Peter Herald reported. The first station was approved in August 2019 to be installed in the St. Peter Food Co-op parking lot by Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency. SMMPA will also provide annual maintenance for the stations.

“We are located on busy Highways (169, 99, and 22), and if downtown locations were chosen for a station site, it should increase the number of people visiting St. Peter,” Public Works Director Pete Moulton told the publication. “In addition, utilization of EV chargers is an excellent opportunity for our utility to increase the base load electric sales.”

The new charging station is planned for a city parking lot on the opposite side of Hwy. 169 from the first one. The city council provided support for the plan and the installation of the stations is anticipated to happen within two months.

Each of the electric vehicle charging stations are expected to encompass two or three parking spaces and include at least one Level 3 fast charger and one Level 2 charger.

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