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Solar  -  June 3, 2020

Madison, Wis., installs new solar-powered EV charging station

The City of Madison, Wisconsin approved June 2 the order of a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station, which will be deployed to power city fleet vehicles.

This is the second purchase of electric vehicle infrastructure the city has made and includes two EV Arc units from Envision Solar.

The newest order follows the deployment of a first unit, also from Envision Solar, which was installed at the downtown Brayton Lot in May.

“Sustainability is a primary driving force for the City of Madison and why we continue to expand solar-powered EV charging technology in our City,” Mahanth Joishy, Fleet Superintendent for the City of Madison, said in a statement. “Because Envision’s EV ARCs can be moved, have emergency power panels that can be used during a grid-failure and require no construction to deploy, we are able to provide EV charging and disaster preparedness quickly and simply and with a low risk and low total cost of ownership. We now have units for fleet access so City EV drivers can drive on 100% clean energy.”

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