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Energy Efficiency, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 4, 2020

Six Ohio schools to save 25% in energy costs through energy projects

Six Ohio school districts will be receiving solar and energy efficiency projects that are expected to provide an average of 25% annual utility savings for each school and collectively offset an average of 6,432 tons of carbon emissions annually.

Inovateus Solar and En-Trust teamed up to bring this project to fruition and expect the initial ten solar and energy efficiency improvements across the six schools to be completed in 2020. Each school is expected to also see escalated additional savings over the next 30 years.

Inovateus will complete 10 solar installations at the Ayersville, Elida, Holgate, Liberty, Wauseon, and Millcreek-West Unity school districts, each project ranging from 235.9 kW to 1.47 MW depending on the needs of each school. 

En-Trust will finance energy upgrades that vary by school but include LED lighting, optimized hot water systems, smart thermostats, chiller and boiler replacements and other energy-savings projects through a 25-year PPA while operating and maintaining the solar projects. The school districts will have no upfront costs and will pay for the generated solar power at a lower kWh rate than the local utility offers.

“As an Ohio company founded by former K-12 educators, En-Trust is proud to be helping our local school districts benefit from clean energy and reduced utility costs,” Michael Campo, En-Trust’s Chief Financial Officer, said in a statement. “We’re glad to be working with Inovateus on these projects, and we look forward to working together on helping more schools to transition to clean energy and save on their utility costs.”

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