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Energy Efficiency, Sourcing Renewables  -  August 25, 2020

Illinois plans clean energy overhaul

Gov. JB Pritzker of Illinois released Aug. 21 his eight key principles for transforming the state into a clean energy economy, including focusing on renewable energy and decarbonizing the transportation sector.

A centerpiece of the governor’s plan includes strengthening the transparency of Illinois’ utility companies and improving ethical requirements to protect ratepayers. Additionally, Gov. Pritzker set a target for the state of 750,000 electric vehicles by 2030 as a progression toward a decarbonized transportation sector. The governor is also targeting 100% renewable energy in the state before 2050.

Gov. Pritzker’s eight key principles that he plans to focus on in Illinois are:

  1. Strengthen Utility Company Transparency and Ethics Requirements
  2. Expand Consumer Affordability Protections
  3. Make Illinois a Renewable Energy Leader and Phase Out Dirty Power
  4. Implement a Market-Based Solution That Supports Clean Power and Clean Air
  5. Electrify and Decarbonize Illinois' Transportation Sector
  6. Support Communities Transitioning to Clean Energy
  7. Advance Equity in the Growing Clean Energy Economy
  8. Enhance Energy Efficiency in Illinois

"When it comes to clean energy innovation, Illinois is a leader in the Midwest, and by working together we can build on that progress to protect consumers and the climate," Gov. Pritzker said in a statement. "With these principles as a starting point, we will ensure any legislation on energy includes robust consumer protections as we work to increase transparency and restore the public's faith in this process. I will be an advocate for ratepayers, so they know they will finally have a seat at the table. These principles represent guideposts for crafting a legislative proposal that puts consumers and climate first, and I look forward to working with our legislative partners, advocacy groups, and other concerned citizens to bring this effort home."

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