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Energy Efficiency  -  October 2, 2020

Lowell Housing Authority plans phase two of efficiency upgrades

Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) will soon be undergoing phase two of an energy efficiency project across 1,500 households in the City of Lowell, Mass.

This second phase of the project with Ameresco will be the continuation of an energy services agreement originally signed between the two entities in 2007. Ameresco agreed to make improvements to heating, hot water, plumbing and lighting systems for LHA in a round of upgrades that are expected to exceed $20 million over a 20 year contract term between phase one and phase two of the agreement.

Phase two will include the installation of new LED lighting, high-efficiency boilers and toilers and the installation of a solar-power water heating system at one property.

“This second phase project with Ameresco builds on a long-term effort to apply the latest technologies to improve building system efficiency and infrastructure,” Gary Wallace, executive director of the Lowell Housing Authority, said in a statement. “This in turn allows us to further improve services and the quality of life we can offer to our residents, all at effectively no cost to LHA.”

LHA financed these improvements through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) and phase two of the project is expected to be completed in early 2022.

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