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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  October 27, 2020

Animal health company pledges to remove 21 million tons of customer emissions

Elanco Animal Health Incorporated announced Oct. 27 its first-ever sustainability commitments, including the removal of 21 million tons of emissions from its customers’ farms by 2030.

The producer of farm animal and pet care products included the Elanco Planet Pledge in its larger set of corporate responsibility targets, which includes a promise to help customers achieve net zero emissions on their farms and achieve 100% renewable electricity across its own operations. Elanco hopes to decrease the global emissions intensity of animal protein by 2% by 2030 by incorporating these initiatives into its business model. 

"Business can be a unique force for good, and at Elanco, we believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to help tackle key societal challenges," Jeff Simmons, president and CEO at Elanco, said in a statement. "Elanco's Healthy Purpose sustainability commitments, the first of its kind in the animal health industry, advances the world’s wellbeing while supporting and strengthening our own business. It all starts with a healthy, strong enterprise driven by the growth, innovation and margin expansion agenda we are executing against. Through these efforts, Elanco is focused on creating value for our customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.”


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