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Sourcing Renewables  -  December 23, 2020

EN + Group secures I-REC certifications

EN + Group announced Dec. 20 that it has become the first energy producer and supplier in Russia to participate in the issuance of the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC).

The certificates will correspond to the volumes of electricity produced by EN + Group companies: JSC EuroSibEnergo and LLC and Abakanskaya SES. EN + Group is a vertically integrated producer of aluminum and electricity and can supply I-REC certificated to customers and partners interested in producing products that comply with modern green practices and meet key sustainability standards like GHGP, CDP and RE100.

“The I-REC certifications issued confirm En + Group's commitment to green energy production,” Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of the En + Group, said in a statement. “It is important for us to meet the world's best indicators in the field of sustainable development, quality and reliability of generation and supply of energy, therefore En + Group carries out large-scale work on the reconstruction and modernization of generating equipment for hydroelectric power plants. This also ensures the replacement of electricity generated at thermal power plants, which leads to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an improvement in the environment in the regions of presence.”

I-REC certificates would also help an energy consumer reduce its Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions. En + facilities received I-REC certification following the signing of the Cooperation Agreements between the Holding companies and the Association of Energy Market Participants in September. The certifications apply to electricity generated by power plants in Russia that are accredited by the Association.

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