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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  February 18, 2021

New York expands energy efficiency program for commercial buildings

New York City will soon be expanding the implementation of its energy efficiency, water conservation and clean energy programs for commercial buildings through a $30 million contract.

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection announced Feb. 11 that it awarded the contract to ICF for both re-compete and new program elements to continue and expand the program for existing and new commercial buildings. ICF will provide data-driven outreach and technical assistance as high-performing buildings in NYC adjust their environmental footprint on the city’s path to an 80% emissions cut by 2050.

"Through our long-standing support of NYC's energy efficiency programs, we have established working relationships with the key stakeholders in the market and a real expertise analyzing and interpreting its rich public data sets," Kyle Wiggins, ICF senior vice president and commercial energy lead, said in a statement. "We bring extensive experience combining advanced analytics with scenario modeling and deep energy industry expertise to help clients like NYC reach aggressive decarbonization goals."

The contract between NYC Department of Environmental Protection and ICF is good for three years and has two additional one-year options to extend.

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