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GHG Emissions  -  March 8, 2021

Rayonier captured 5.7 million tons of CO2

Rayonier announced March 1 that in 2019 its timberland assets sequestered an estimated 5.7 million tons of CO2 equivalents from the atmosphere, after accounting for carbon emitted through operations and carbon removed to customers through harvest activity.

In its newly released Carbon Report, the timberland real estate investment trust found that its assets stored an estimated 732 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents in total by the end of 2019. It estimates that 8.8 million tons of carbon was then released through its tree harvesting operations in 2019.

“As a company whose core business is maintaining healthy ecosystems that support both sustainable forestry and its associated carbon sequestration benefits, we recognize the importance of protecting the climate and our natural environment,” David Nunes, president and CEO of Rayonier, said in a statement. “Rayonier’s business model provides a natural climate change solution: our trees remove carbon from the atmosphere during their growth cycle, and after harvesting, a significant portion of this carbon remains stored for an extended period of time within downstream wood products. Our inaugural Carbon Report demonstrates the important role that working forests play in fighting climate change.”

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