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Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  March 26, 2021

Olathe, Kansas, installs public EV chargers through federal funding

The City of Olathe, Kansas, announced March 25 that it has deployed six solar-powered EV charging systems at public locations in the city.

The city purchased the charging systems from Beam Global with the support of federal grant funding from Metropolitan Energy Center, which arranges federal funding for green energy projects on behalf of local entities. This marks the first time a municipality in Kansas has deployed public EV charging stations. 

“Today, Olathe is providing 100% clean, renewable-powered EV charging infrastructure to our residents for free,” Zach Hardy, field operations manager for the City of Olathe, said in a statement. “With the support of Metropolitan Energy Center and the Olathe City Council, we’re excited to continue to innovate and introduce sustainable technologies to improve the quality of life in Olathe.”

The EV ARC chargers from Beam Global are off the grid and require no construction, electric work or electric bill to operate. The installations are part of a larger initiative by the city, dubbed Olathe 2040: Future Ready, which outlines a plan for the city including creating affordable and sustainable transportation infrastructure. 

In addition to the chargers, the city used federal funding with the help of Metropolitan Energy Center to purchase five electric Chevy Bolt vehicles.

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