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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  April 21, 2021

Polycor to be Carbon Neutral by 2025

Polycor Inc. announced on April 20 its plans to be carbon neutral by 2025. The company is the first natural stone quarrier to announce its commitment to carbon neutrality.

 In order to support its goal, Polycor will focus  on the following areas:

  • Electrification: The company plans to increase the use of renewable energy so that 75% of its energy use comes from renewable sources by the end of 2025.
  • Fuel use: By significantly reducing its carbon-based fuel use, Polycor will increase the miles per gallon across its fleet. Plans call for the installation of electric charging stations at plants and prioritize new vehicles with alternative fuel sources.
  • Offsets and rehabilitation: Polycor plans carbon offsetting activities, such as tree planting campaigns, to decrease the net total of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The company will also repurpose, rehabilitate and reclaim former production sites to increase sustainability activity and provide immediate benefits to local communities.

In a statement, Patrick Perus, CEO of Polycor Inc., said, “As an organization, we have a history and brand focused on global leadership, with a reputation of prioritizing and fostering sustainability, innovation, and environmental stewardship. We are confident that our sustainability leadership within the natural stone industry can inspire other construction material providers to do the same.” The statement also noted that the building industry accounts for 39% of annual global GHG emissions.




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