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April 23, 2021

Detroit Developer Bedrock Commits to Solar Energy

Real estate developer Bedrock has announced that by 2023, it will use clean energy to lower its annual carbon footprint by nearly 15,500 metric tons. To accomplish this goal, the Detroit-based company has partnered with DTE Energy through its MIGreenPower renewable energy program. DTE’s solar farms will provide Bedrock with nearly 22 million kWh of clean energy annually. 

"As the city's largest real-estate operator, we believe that it is imperative for us to take the lead in modernizing our properties as we look to reduce our overall carbon footprint," said John Guardiola, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Sustainability at Bedrock, in a statement. "This partnership with DTE allows us to effectively expand our renewable energy strategy by providing access to new and sustainable energy sources."

This commitment follows Bedrock’s approval by the Detroit Chapter of the International 2030 District, which signifies the company’s intent to halve historical buildings’ GHG emissions and achieve net-zero in new construction by 2030. Bedrock has already installed a combined 11,600 kWh of solar panels and lighting arrays in two of its locations. Since 2017, it has also brought all its buildings into compliance with smart building standards. These standards include the integration of energy efficiency practices and tracking throughout each building. 

"Committing to a sustainable future is our moral imperative. Not only is it the right thing for us to do, but it represents an important opportunity for Bedrock to be a leader in sustainable efforts going forward," says Kofi Bonner, CEO of Bedrock. "Our commitment to going green will not only reduce greenhouse gases regionally, but better support our local community, benefit our tenants and will enhance our ability to attract quality tenants."

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