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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  May 4, 2021

Convoy Announces Emissions Reduction Goal for 2021

Digital freight network Convoy has announced its intent to prevent 3 million pounds of shipping-related carbon emissions in 2021. This will constitute an 87% increase compared to the emissions that Convoy’s automated shipping logistics saved in 2020. 

This target, released in the freight network’s first corporate sustainability report, will build upon Convoy’s previous success: Convoy prevented 1,600,000 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere in 2020. Since medium and heavy-duty vehicles create more than 20% of nationwide transportation emissions, Convoy’s automated logistics system not only increases shipping efficiency but also reduces a significant emission contributor’s carbon footprint.

Convoy’s sustainability report also shared the company’s goal of net-zero operations. 

"We partnered with Emitwise, a leading software platform for running a world-class climate program, to measure our carbon footprint so we know exactly which parts of our business emit greenhouse gases,” said Jennifer Wong, Head of Sustainability at Convoy. “Now we have the data and insights to build a net zero emissions plan for our business operations."  

“A big part of what we do everyday is figure out ways to reduce waste in trucking because that’s better for the environment, shippers, and millions of truck drivers. I am very proud to share our first corporate sustainability report,” added Dan Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Convoy, in a statement. “Sustainability is core to our company culture and baked into our mission of reaching zero unnecessary waste in transportation. We look forward to building on this for years to come.”

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