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GHG Emissions  -  May 25, 2021

Exasol Uses Offsets to Reach Carbon Neutrality

Exasol announced May 25 that it entered into a new partnership that allowed it to offset 100% of its carbon emissions for 2019 as it pursues future carbon neutrality.

The analytics database company is working with Planetly to offset its emissions and review its practices for ways to reduce emissions going forward. Exasol was certified as carbon neutral for 2019 through this platform and is now working to achieve carbon neutrality for 2020.

In achieving its 2019 carbon neutrality, Exasol supported the development of three offsetting projects in Borneo, Peru, and Cambodia that contribute to different UN Sustainable Development Goals. The projects include REDD + Rainforest Project, Borneo, Amazon Rainforest Protection Project, Peru, and Rainforest Protection Project, Cambodia.

“At Exasol, we transform the way people use data and we believe in doing the right thing. We are creative and forward-thinking in the way we develop our product and the way we engage with the communities and the environment we operate in,” Mathias Golombek, CTO and green team ambassador at Exasol, said in a statement. “We want our impact to be positive and sustainable, so we are fully committed to improving our emissions and finding ways for our company’s practices to be more sustainable across the board. Today’s news is just part of Exasol’s larger commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

To identify its carbon footprint to offset, Exasol took into account the consumption of energy, waste, water in office buildings, employee commuting and business trips, equipment (capital goods), and consumables, as well as the footprint of external service providers and cloud-based servers.

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