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Solar  -  June 8, 2021

The City of Harrison Installs Solar Across Municipal Buildings

The City of Harrison, Mich., announced June 7 a new project to install 659 kW of solar energy capacity across five municipal buildings.

The installations are to be made at the places with the highest energy consumption: the City Hall, the Fire Hall, water tower, pump house and wastewater treatment facility. The solar panels will generate nearly 800,000 kWh in total annually and should offset approximately 97% of the electricity needs of the facilities.

The project will be completed by POWERHOME SOLAR and is expected to save the town $162,000 in energy costs each year for 30 years.

“The City of Harrison spends over $130,000 annually from the budget just in these locations,” City Manager Tracey Connelly said in a statement. “Solar power is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy. The monetary savings plus the eco-friendly advantages of solar power is why the City of Harrison decided to move towards this clean energy production.”

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