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Top 10 Green Leasing Tips for Building Owners

This two-pager from the U.S. Department of Energy's Better Buildings Alliance outlines best practices for landlords and tenants engaging in sustainability projects. The guidelines were developed under the guidance of the alliance's Green Leasing Steering Committee. 

As a contractual agreement between tenant and landlord, the lease can serve as a powerful mechanism to help increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of building portfolios.

However, with the focus on lease term, rental rate, tenant improvements, and many other complexities of the leasing process, the opportunity to embed sustainability in the tenant-landlord relationship is often overlooked. Even if leasing teams do discuss sustainability, tenants and landlords often seem to be speaking a different language. Implementing this list of best practices prior to engaging a tenant about sustainability will increase the likelihood of success and foster a sustainable relationship between tenants and landlords.

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