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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency  -  June 13, 2016

Canadian grocer deploys new energy intelligence software

Canadian food retailer Longo Brothers Fruit Markets is deploying new energy intelligence software across its 31-store portfolio in greater Toronto. 

The company, which does business as Longo's, says the EnerNOC software will create more accurate budgets, prioritize investment in energy-related projects, and increase overall employee productivity through improved communication and reporting. In a recent news release, EnerNOC and Longo's said the software will give executives a clear view into operational efficiency across the company.

"In our business, gains in employee productivity and operational efficiency translate directly into positive financial impact," Dave Mastroieni, vice president of central procurement and facility management at Longo's said in a statement. "EnerNOC's energy intelligence software gives us the visibility we need to connect energy usage to costs so we can budget more accurately, allocate resources against the highest impact improvements, and save time."

According to the release, the software will enable site- and portfolio-level benchmarking, allowing Longo's to more accurately understand, forecast, and verify the true return on investment of energy-related projects. EnerNOC centralizes energy data into a single platform, giving all employees, from headquarters to individual stores, access to relevant, actionable information that helps improve overall operational efficiency.

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