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Energy Storage, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  July 6, 2016

Nissan hopes to extend electric vehicle range with fuel cells

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has teamed up with two U.K.-based companies on the development of fuel cells intended to help extend the range of electric vehicles. 

U.K.-based Ceres Power Holdings Plc and M-Solv Ltd. had previously announced an agreement with Nissan before saying June 28 that it had been finalized. Ceres Power said in a news release that it is leading the consortium to develop a compact, on-board solid oxide fuel cell stack based on its SteelCell technology, which can be used with a variety of high efficiency fuel types, including biofuels, that are applicable to the automotive sector.  

"This offers a potential path to significantly accelerate the take up of electric vehicles, reducing CO2 and other emissions, and making significant progress towards the UK's low carbon energy targets," Ceres said in the announcement. 

Bloomberg News reported June 28 that Nissan, in addition to developing new electric vehicle models, is also trying to accelerate the use of battery-powered cars as an electricity source. The auto manufacturer recently partnered with Italian utility Enel SpA to allow electric-car owners to sell excess power back to the grid, a move thought to place itself in competition with Tesla Motors Inc.’s Powerwall battery.

Additionally, Nissan said earlier in June that it was developing a fuel cell vehicle technology that would use ethanol as a hydrogen source, and that it expected it to be commercial-ready by 2020.

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