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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  July 14, 2016

Raytheon sets energy efficiency targets higher with new, long-term road map

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This story is the seventh in a series of original features exploring the successes of a selection of corporations recognized by Energy Star for achievements in energy efficiency. Each company we've talked with for this series, made possible through our partnership with Energy Star, has a unique story about their efforts to reduce electric use across their organization. Taken in aggregate, we hope the series provides readers with a useful glimpse into the kinds of strategies being implemented across the commercial and industrial sectors as well as a deeper understanding of vetted, real-life tactics for cutting consumption.

Following decades of energy conservation accomplishments, Raytheon Co. recently set its eyes higher, outlining a new longer-term vision for its energy program, strategy and framework tied to its broader sustainability goals.

During 2015, the defense technology company was approaching a 16.5% reduction in energy consumption from a 2008 baseline, exceeding its goal of 10%. As such, the company decided it needed a broader vision for its energy management and sustainability goals, and at a June 2015 meeting brought together key leaders from each of the company's various business and organizational functions.

Having attained the objectives laid out in Raytheon's previous road maps, meeting participants felt an opportunity and need to "step back” and re-evaluate its team mission, goals and strategies, the company recently told Smart Energy Decisions. The meeting was facilitated by a consultant with experience guiding large companies with goal setting, including the importance of the practice in driving energy efficiency throughout large organizations.

Inspired by the aspirations and experiences shared from other companies with strong track records of sustainability, Raytheon established a new vision to set the expectations for the next round of continuous improvement planning for sustainability.

Raytheon hopes the new framework will establish itself as a global leader in sustainability initiatives and greenhouse gas reductions for decades to come. Two of the first goals established, the company said, were to reduce energy and water consumption an additional 10% by 2020. A team comprised of energy and facilities professionals from each Raytheon business – the Conserving Raytheon Energy and Water team, or CREW team – then developed the specific team plans and is leading the effort to achieve the goals, Raytheon said.

"We initiated a long-term road map that includes a template for five-year planning cycles beginning with 2016 through 2020," CREW Team co-lead Tracy Fialli said. "While our plans for the next five years include new key focus areas that build on previous successes, we expect those focus areas to fluctuate over time as team membership changes and business priorities shift during the next several decades."

To ensure continuous improvement and maintain continuity, Raytheon's team created a planning matrix to manage the road map, recognizing that achieving and sustaining the long-term vision would require the implementation of durable strategies and diligence. The road map also allows Raytheon, which became an Energy Star partner in 2000, to align its goals with the Energy Star program's emphasis on commitment and continuous improvement.

Raytheon received Energy Star's partner of the year, sustained excellence award for the 9th consecutive year in April for expanded collaboration of its energy program across the company and the launch of the new road map. Other 2015 accomplishments included Raytheon's 3% reduction in energy use from 2014, which equated to more than $3 million in annual energy costs. Raytheon also increased the amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided twentyfold through the Energy Star "Change the World" campaign.

"Instilling a culture and mindset of continuous improvement has been instrumental in our ability to evolve and improve Raytheon’s sustainability program,” Raytheon Corporate Operations Vice President Kim Caruso said. “In 2015, we met or exceeded 14 of our 15 long-term sustainability goals. We aspire to benefit future generations by continuing to set and achieve ambitious sustainability goals.”

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