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Iron Mountain crushes 2015 corporate energy goals

Three of Iron Mountain Inc.'s four key corporate responsibility goals were energy related, and the information management services company crushed them all, according to its most recent corporate responsibility report. 

Released Aug. 16, the report outlines progress in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy adoption and greenhouse gas emissions reductions, three increasingly intertwined corporate energy management strategies.  On energy efficiency, Iron Mountain reported a year-over-year reduction in facility energy use of 12% in 2015, beating its goal of 3%, while its use of renewable energy increased sixfold to 2.4 million kWh through a combination of onsite solar installation and direct purchase of green power, the company said. 

Those two actions contributed to a 14.6% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, besting Iron Mountain's goal to keep emissions flat in 2015 compared to 2014. 

Bolstering its progress, Iron Mountain's solar installation at an East Brunswick, N.J., records storage building hit a "net positive" milestone by producing more electricity than the building used for three months in a row. The company detailed its broader successes in solar within its o

Since our first system installation in Windsor Connecticut in 2013, solar and other renewable energy sourcing has become an import part of our plans for cutting utility expenses as well as reducing the Greenhouse Gas pollution and other environmental impacts of our energy use. We now have a total of 1.8 MW of solar installations across 6 buildings capable of producing 2.2 million KWhrs per year.

Iron Mountain's full report is available on its corporate responsibility portal

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