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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  August 25, 2016

Quik Mart deploys LEDs, cuts lighting costs 77%

Arizona convenience store/gas station chain Quik Mart recently completed the replacement of existing fluorescent and HID interior/exterior lighting with solid-state LED lighting at 25 locations.

The LED upgrade reduced Quik Mart's annual kWh usage to 472,813 kWh per year at an annual cost of $59,101.71, from kWh usage of 1,703,819 kWh per year at an annual cost of $260,069.94, according to an Aug. 25 news release. That reduction is a savings to the bottom line of $200,968.23/year, totaling a 77% reduction in lighting costs for Quik Mart.

The company partnered with the lighting segment of energy solutions and services company SCS Energy Solutions Inc. for the project, according to an Aug. 25 news release. Quik Mart also deployed an SCS-derived solution to costly beverage and freezer cooler lighting, as well as enhancing existing merchandise displays.

"The capital improvements SCS completed in a short amount of time have not only increased the overall look of the stores, but have allowed us the capital flexibility to improve other aspects of our business," Quik Mart CEO Troy Little said in a statement.

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