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Energy Procurement, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  September 13, 2016

FedEx Freight invests in CNG fleet, fueling station

FedEx Corp. subsidiary FedEx Freight has purchased more than 100 compressed natural gas, or CNG, tractors and has installed a CNG fueling station to serve the new fleet at its service center in Oklahoma City, the company said Sept. 13. 

The CNG fueling station provides efficiency for fueling the fleet through two different methods, FedEx Freight, a provider of LTL freight services, said in a news release. The facility includes a four-lane "fast fill" station that closely replicates a diesel fueling experience. Also onsite is a "time fill"station that has six zones and 18 hoses. In time-fill applications, drivers connect their vehicles to an automated system in which the tractors are fueled over an extended period of time, typically overnight.

"A fact we take very seriously at FedEx is that people want to do business with companies who invest in making the world a better place," FedEx Freight President and CEO Michael Ducker said. "Plus, it's simply the right thing to do. And given that the state of Oklahoma has been so supportive of sustainable transportation solutions, we felt this was the perfect place to set a strong example within the LTL industry." 

The company said the new CNG fleet and fueling station in Oklahoma are examples of FedEx's efforts to "connect the world responsibly and resourcefully."  The announcement follows other initiatives focused on reducing the company's environmental impacts such as its FedEx Fuel Sense and EarthSmart programs. 

FedEx Freight contracted with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to design, build and maintain the fueling station, which is estimated to dispense approximately 2.5 million gasoline gallon equivalents per year. 

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