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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Utilities  -  October 18, 2016

Efficiency projects save refinery $10k+ yearly

Following the completion of a series of energy efficiency projects, oil refinery business Wyoming Refining Co. is expected to see a $10,600 per year reduction in its electric bill. 

Hermes Consolidated LLC, which does business as Wyoming Refining, also expects to receive an additional $10,250 in rebates from its electric utility, Black Hills Energy, as a result of their installation of new energy-efficient lighting and motors. 

The Wyoming Refining lighting and motor replacements were completed during a recent plant overhaul, according to an Oct. 17 news release from Black Hills Energy. The company installed 265 LED fixtures, which will result in an estimated energy savings of 122,906 kWh per year and peak demand savings of 28.6 kW annually.

In addition, the company replaced inefficient motors with 22 new, energy-efficient models totaling 965 horsepower. The greater efficiencies will result in an estimated minimum energy savings of 18,252 kWh per year and an annual cost savings of approximately $1,400. 

"During the 2015 crude expansion, Wyoming Refining upgraded its lighting to energy-efficient LED fixtures, which allowed us to qualify for an energy efficiency rebate through Black Hills Energy," said Wyoming Refining administrative assistant Chrissie Prell. "I worked with our electricians and supplier for assistance in getting the correct data for this rebate. As a company, we strive to be aware of and reduce our electric energy usage through various refinery operations and plant upgrades, and simple tasks such as turning off lights when we leave our offices or turning off our computers at the end of the day. And, of course, installing LED bulbs in all fixtures."

Black Hills Energy said it offers cash-back rebates to offset a portion of incremental costs as an incentive for its residential and commercial customers to install energy efficient equipment. The utility serves 69,000 customers in South Dakota and Wyoming. 

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