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Energy Procurement, Industrial, Power Prices  -  November 2, 2016

Case study: Large manufacturer saves $295k through customized power purchasing strategy

This case study presented by Direct Energy illustrates how Ultra-Poly, a Pennsylvania-based plastics recycling and manufacturing company, changed up its power purchasing strategy, made its operations more efficient and saved $295,000. 

The polar vortex that brought unusually cold weather to North America in late 2013 and early 2014 left many businesses, including Ultra-Poly, unprepared for the skyrocketing energy rates that followed. But after adopting a holistic energy strategy provided by Direct Energy Business, Ultra-Poly was able to make its operations more efficient, minimize risk exposure and earn extra income while helping to decrease the burden on the electrical system as a whole.

Download this one-page case study by clicking here to learn more. 


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