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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  November 10, 2016

CEMEX teaches old cement plant new tricks

Global building materials company CEMEX USA is celebrating improvements to its 100-year-old cement plant that have earned it a number of awards for energy use reductions and other sustainability measures. 

The company said in a Nov. 9 news release that the plant, which has supplied cement for iconic projects like the Hoover Dam and Hollywood Boulevard, recently received Wildlife Habitat Council Conservation Certification. The plant also earned its fifth Energy Star certification this year for reducing its energy use and environmental impact; Energy Star is a program of the U.S. EPA. 

"This plant has persevered through good times and bad: Two world wars, three different owners and countless upgrades to its facilities and equipment," Dr. Hugo Bolio, CEMEX USA's executive vice president of cement operations and technology, said in a statement. "And yet, through all of the changes, two things have remained constant: A commitment to safety and a commitment to producing a high-quality product." 

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