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Commercial, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Storage, Industrial  -  January 18, 2017

Sierra Nevada installs 1MWh Tesla Powerpack

Photo: Solar panels at Sierra Nevada's Chico, Calif., brewery, provided by Sierra Nevada

Looking to curb hefty demand charges associated with beer brewing, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has installed a 1 MWh Tesla Powerback battery system at its Chico, Calif., brewery, Electrek reported Jan. 17. 

According to the publication, the energy storage system has been paired with the brewery's existing 2 MW solar installation and a 2 MW microgenerator. Together, the projects are expected to offset Sierra Nevada's yearly electricity use by about 20%.

Electrek reported

The beer-brewing process uses a lot of electricity, heating and cooling batches of water and beer over several weeks of production. Big industrial operations like Sierra Nevada pay for electricity both on overall use as well as peak usage over the course of a month — and anything companies can do to reduce that peak use can result in significant cost savings.

Tesla first unveiled pricing for its Powerpack battery systems, marketed for utility and commercial applications, in April 2016; the systems have been utilized by large commercial and industrial energy users such as Amazon Web Services — Inc.'s cloud computing arm — and a California mall owned by Simon Property Group. 

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