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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  January 24, 2017

GM makes big strides in supply chain GHG reductions

General Motors on Jan. 24 announced that it has made efforts to engage its supply chain regarding greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Detroit-based automaker said in a blog post that it has asked about 200 of its suppliers to disclose their energy use and carbon emission data to global nonprofit CDP, and also offered up resources to help them do to. The actions, GM says, will help mitigate the various companies' effects on climate change and strengthen their overall business. 

The 70% of invited companies that responded reduced carbon emissions in total by 90 million metric tons, saving a cumulative $23 billion, according to GM. 


GM said its effort to work with these suppliers earned the company a spot on CDP's Supplier Climate A List, and that only 3% of the thousands of companies who report to CDP achieved the ranking. GM is among 112 other organizations using their buying clout to drive down emissions across their supply chains.

"We realize we need to take a broader and more holistic look at our environmental impact, and that includes our partners that supply us with parts and components," said Al Hildreth, GM global energy manager. "We encourage them to manage their carbon footprint and see the business value that stems from increased efficiency and reduced emissions."

The company has taken a number of significant strides in recent months aimed at reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, including committing to powering it global operations entirely with renewable energy by 2050. 

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