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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Solar  -  March 15, 2017

Google gains approval for new energy efficient HQ

Rendering of Google's new headquarters provided by the city of Mountain View, Calif. 

Google on March 7 received unanimous approval for a new energy efficient headquarters from the Mountain View, Calif., City Council, the Mountain View Voice reported March 8.

The technology giant has been planning its version of similar new headquarters designs from major companies such as Apple, LinkedIn and Ford for months, though its current blueprints have been scaled back from their original design, according to a March 9 report from Apple Insider.

The 18-acre site is expected to feature a two-story, 595,000-square-foot dome shaped facility, topped with a tentlike roof that will host solar panels expected to generate about 4 MW of power, according to the Voice


Possibly contributing to the downsizing, in July 2016, Google swapped real estate locations in Mountain View with LinkedIn. As part of that deal, Google gave up seven buildings near Sunnyvale, Calif., to gain development rights and leased office properties in the North Bayshore area. The move plays into Google's larger strategy, which calls for development of a global headquarters in North Bayshore, the Voice reported.

Work on the project is expected to be completed in late 2019.

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