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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency  -  May 3, 2017

CBRE's multisite HVAC rejuvenation saves $1.6M

This case study, presented by ECM, showcases a multisite HVAC rejuvenation process done across a portfolio of CBRE commercial real estate properties in five U.S. states, Canada and India. 

The projects were done with the goal of extending the useful life of the HVAC systems and lowering CBRE's energy costs. The coating and repair processes, described in detail in this three-page study, protect against future corrosion and restores the
equipment to near original efficiency.

The rollout — which was designed to meet CBRE's requirements of a strong ROI, applicability to global facilities; minimal impact on employees and no negative impact on operations — has demonstrated savings of more than $1.6 million. Download the study below to learn more. 


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