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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  July 12, 2017

Software company reduces carbon emissions by 40%

CA Technologies on July 11 announced a 2030 goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from a 2015 baseline.

The software company’s 2017 sustainability report reveals that CA Technologies achieved its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 35% in 2015 based on a 2006 baseline, which serves as the new baseline for the 2030 goal.

“Just like our customers, CA must continue to embrace change and adapt to the environmental and social challenges in the marketplace, and we are committed to making the strategic investments that will advance sustainability for our employees, our customers and the communities we serve,” Erica Christensen, vice president of corporate social responsibility, said in a statement.

CA Technologies has about 470,000 square feet of office space under green lease in order to ensure it is operated sustainably, according to its sustainability report. To keep these office spaces operating under a certain sustainability standard, the company included provisions in new buildings leases such as requiring the use of cleaning materials that are Green Seal-certified, using lighting sensors in common areas and minimizing water use through landscape irrigation systems that utilize rain sensor devices.

“Beyond traditional efficiency projects, CA combines telemetry with process automation to create bots that monitor demand and usage patterns to shut off and turn on servers,” the company wrote in a July 11 news release announcing the release of its report.

Other sustainability goals outlined in the company’s sustainability report include reducing travel-related emissions through the increased use of teleconferencing and the increased use of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

In a sustainability materiality assessment, a chart ranked topics of the company’s sustainability goals based on importance to the industry and importance to external stakeholders, in which greenhouse gas emissions and climate mitigation ranked at the top of both.

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