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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Regulation  -  October 23, 2017

Reno implements energy efficiency project

A new energy efficiency project launched in Reno, Nev., on Oct. 18 is aiming to increase the energy and water efficiency of the city’s commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings.

Coined “REENERGIZE RENO,” the initiative includes a goal of a 20% increase in efficiency by 2025 to ultimately reduce the city’s carbon footprint. As part of the effort, 38 buildings within the City of Reno will be subject to annual benchmarking and tracking of its energy and water consumption through the Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

 The program is also designed to free up public funds for other priorities by reducing the city’s operational and maintenance costs, according to a report on the project by KOLO, Reno’s local ABC affiliate.

“ReEnergize Reno has the potential to change the future of Reno for the better,” Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve told the news organization. “I’m proud the City of Reno has decided to lead the charge, and I know other local business leaders will follow suit. It’s great to see carbon reduction and cost savings go hand in hand.”

The city also hopes that the project will boost the local economy and create local, highly skilled jobs

The project follows other efficiency efforts from the City of Reno, including a resolution adopted in August 2017 to join the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge. The resolution cited a series of energy efficiency upgrades within the city to reduce energy use and generate cost savings, such as lighting retrofits, control systems, HVAC upgrades, LED streetlights and traffic signals, solar thermal heating systems and renewable energy projects.

“The investment is generating more than $1.5 million in energy savings annually, and there are more opportunities that can be captured through future investments in energy efficiency projects,” the resolution stated.

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