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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Utilities  -  December 7, 2017

GM banks $2.6M in utility rebates for energy upgrades

Following the implementation of 28 energy efficiency projects at its assembly plant in Flint, Mich., in 2017, General Motors has received an incentive payment of $2.6 million from the plant's utility, Consumers Energy. 

The payment from Consumers sweetens the economics of the energy efficiency improvements at the factory, which are expected to save to save GM $1.12 million each year, according to a Dec. 6 news release from the CMS Energy subsidiary.

Since Consumers Energy's rebate program began, GM has received $11.5 million in energy incentives. Consumers said the incentive payment for the upgrades at the Flint Truck Assembly factory are part of its commitment to helping businesses across Michigan lower their energy costs. 

"The GM Flint team recognizes the importance of being environmental stewards and our strong relationship with Consumers Energy allows us to maximize our opportunities to be good corporate citizens and serve as leaders in the energy conservation business within GM," plant manager Michael Perez said in a statement. 

"Our mission at Consumers Energy is to help Michigan businesses be competitive and grow jobs by lowering their energy costs and we are committed to providing energy solutions for all Michigan businesses including flagship employers like General Motors," Consumers Energy President and CEO Patti Poppe said in a statement. 

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