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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency  -  December 12, 2017

Navigating a successful energy project proposal

A new Workflow and Approval Process Guide, prepared by RILA and the Institute for Market Transformation, helps retail energy professionals think more strategically about the project proposal and budgeting process. It is the latest in a suite of financing resources produced through RILA's cooperative agreement award from the U.S. DOE. From getting buy-in from all affected departments to aligning the project's objectives with the company's public goals, this guide considers the many factors that impact the approval process for energy projects and provides thoughtful insights on how to navigate them.

While most businesses conceptually understand the financial and environmental value in investing in energy efficiency projects, successfully proposing and greenlighting new energy projects internally can still be a challenge. Retail energy managers must navigate internal competition for funds, short- and long-term budget cycles, and cross-departmental buy-in as they seek to move projects forward.

Scroll through an example workflow and approval process in this infographic, or download the full Workflow and Approval Process Guide below to see the process applied in a Food Lion Implementation Model.


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