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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  April 26, 2018

CVS Health’s energy reduction achievements

CVS Health announced achievements including a 26% reduction in carbon intensity, compared to a 2010 baseline;  a 6% reduction in electricity usage from 2016, and reduced fleet travel by about 1 million miles due to improved routing software, as part of the release of its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

The company also announced the submission of a science-based GHG emissions reduction target. The report noted, "Our greatest opportunity to address our climate-related impacts is through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. " The company expects to announce the target by June 2018. CVS Health also reported working with their largest suppliers to expand Scope 3 emissions data collection. The report stated, "Our existing intensity goal and measurements include Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, as well as Scope 3 emissions from business travel and our dedicated third-party distribution fleet."

CVS Health expanded the use of LED lighting in 2017, continuing to execute on the LED interior lighting conversion strategy established in 2015 for their retail locations. They also implemented a conversion program in distribution centers and other facilities. According to the report, "To date, we have retrofitted more than 7,180 retail locations, realizing a cumulative savings of more than $30 million. We plan to complete installing LED interior lights in all retail locations by 2021."

 The report explained, “With an enterprise footprint that includes more than 9,800 retail locations, 22 distribution centers, numerous field offices and a fleet of more than 2,500 delivery vehicles, we embed sustainability throughout our operations to minimize our environmental impact and increase cost savings."



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