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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  May 24, 2018

Colgate-Palmolive surpasses GHG reduction goal

Colgate-Palmolive announced it has surpassed its 2020 science-based climate goal of reducing absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from manufacturing of 25% vs. a 2002 baseline, reaching a 27.7% reduction in 2017.

The company also reported coming close to other 2020 targets in 2017, including hitting 24.2% of purchased electricity from renewable sources, close to their 25% goal. Over the past year, the company has also achieved a 31% reduction in energy intensity vs. 2002, again approaching its 2020 goal of 33%.

As part of the release of their 2017 Sustainabiilty Report, Colgate reported progress on its "2015 to 2020 Strategy," saying that this strategy "maintains our emphasis on people, performance, and planet with focused, measurable goals that align with the company’s business objectives."

 The report noted that reducing energy use and GHG emissions enabled the company to mitigate costs. “Since 2002, our energy reduction program has helped us avoid more than $510 million in energy costs.

In the area of “reducing our impact on climate and the environment,” Colgate has pledged to:

  • Promote use of renewable energy and reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing by 25% compared to 2002
  • Reduce our manufacturing energy intensity by one-third compared to 2002
  • Partner with key suppliers, customers and consumers to reduce energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste

As a key element of their climate strategy, the company intends to set science-based climate goals to further reduce GHG emissions. "We will quantify greenhouse gas emissions throughout our value chain and focus on reducing the most significant emissions."

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