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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Regulation  -  June 20, 2018

Fortune 100s join Transportation Electrification Accord

A coalition of Fortune 100 companies, consumer advocates, labor and consumer groups have signed the Transportation Electrification Accord, expressing a shared vision that transportation electrification policy can and should provide economic, social and environmental benefits. 

According to a report in Renewable Energy Magazine, signatories include General Motors, Honda, Proterra, Exelon, NationalGrid, PG&E, Siemens, Consumer Federation of America, Ceres, NRDC, the Sierra Club and more. The report noted that “by signing the accord, these organizations are committing to support the evolution of electric mobility and the development of programs to accelerate it – all while stimulating innovation and competition in the marketplace.”

“We envision a world with zero emissions,” said Britta Gross, director, General Motors Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy. “That’s the future and the Accord lays out the essential building blocks for a compelling energy infrastructure that we can all rely on for decades to come. Innovations in transportation electrification will benefit society as a whole – and cross-industry, multi-stakeholder cooperation is key.”

The Accord is aimed at organizations for use in policy design, education and outreach. It outlines how transportation electrification can be advanced in a manner that benefits all utility customers and users of all forms of transportation while supporting the evolution of a cleaner grid and stimulating innovation and competition for US companies. Its guiding principles affirm that there is a clear case for electrifying transportation, which can provide benefits to all consumers provide grid services, integrate more renewable energy, and cut air pollution and greenhouse gases.


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