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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  September 12, 2019

GUESS fashions 10% emissions and energy reductions

GUESS, Inc., a global lifestyle fashion brand, reported 10% reductions in both GHG emissions and energy use since 2017, compared to a 2016 baseline. The company also set a series of 2021 goals including implementing Science Based Targets, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15%, sourcing certified sustainable materials for 20% of its global portfolio across brands, and fulfilling its pledge with Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment.

The announcement came with the release of the company’s third sustainability report, written in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards for sustainability, and externally assured by KPMG. The report highlights GUESS’s progress since releasing its second report in 2017.

“In the two years since GUESS published our last sustainability report, public interest and awareness has increased dramatically on a wide range of subjects from climate change to circular fashion and from human rights to transparency, diversity, and inclusion,” said Carlos Alberini, Chief Executive Officer for GUESS, Inc. “We understand that authentic, lasting change is expected, and that we must address the urgency and importance of these environmental and social concerns today.”

 The company’s total FY2019 GHG emissions for GUESS operations at 1,133 facilities was 40,785 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e), which is equivalent to emissions from 8,659 passenger vehicles driven for one year. This represents a 10% decrease in emissions intensity per square foot from a  FY2016 baseline. During the FY2018 – 2019 reporting period, Guess started to calculate their Scope 3 carbon footprint. This currently includes waste data for their  Los Angeles headquarters, U.S. Distribution Center, and global inbound and outbound transportation. The report noted, "We are also focused on reducing carbon emissions at key supplier mills and currently have a special project in China in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps program to help develop this effort."

 Noting their energy efficiency program is both an emissions reduction and cost-cutting measure, the report said, “As one of our primary environmental impacts due to the number of facilities we control, we focus on conserving energy. Our past reporting detailed our ongoing LED lighting projects at our stores, distribution centers, and headquarters. We’ve continued to expand these initiatives, retrofitting or opening 100 LED stores since FY2017."



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