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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  October 8, 2019

Williams-Sonoma releases update on CO2 goals

Williams-Sonoma released its 2018 Corporate Responsibility report, including an update on its environmental goals.

In the report, Williams-Sonoma outlines its progress toward its 2025 carbon intensity goals, primarily achieved through responsibly sourcing cotton and wood and focusing on lowering emissions that result from suppliers. In 2018, its carbon intensity dropped to 0.019 from 0.026 in 2015.

The company also lowered electricity intensity in 2018, dropping to 11.98 kWh per square foot of real estate annually from 15.19 in 2015. Many electricity improvements made included 385 LED lighting retrofits across stores, offices and distribution centers. Most of Williams-Sonoma’s Scope 2 emissions are directly related to electricity.

“Our dedication to sustainability is a key reason why customers choose us over our competitors, and we are proud to share the milestones that differentiate our business through our annual Corporate Responsibility Scorecard” Laura Alber, President and CEO of Williams-Sonoma, said in a statement. “As an industry leader in corporate responsibility, the changes we make in our global supply chain lead to big shifts in the way our industry operates, in our customers’ choices, and in the well-being of our workers and the communities in which we do business world-wide.”

In terms of sustainable materials, Williams-Sonoma reached 69% sustainable-sourced cotton across the company, two-thirds of its 100% goal by 2021.

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