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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  March 5, 2020

Magellan Jets offers customers emission offsetting

Magellan Jets is partnering with third party-certified, U.S.-based carbon offsetting projects and now offers their customers options to offset all of their aviation use throughout their portfolio.

The Boston-based private aviation company will be partnering with terrapass on this project. While they now offer customers a way to offset emissions, Magellan Jets has also offset 100% of the emissions from their office operations.

“We are thrilled to join terrapass in leading the private aviation industry towards a greener, more responsible tomorrow,” Magellan Jets Founder and CEO Joshua Hebert said in a statement. “We believe this collaboration provides the best solution for our members and customers who are interested in offsetting the environmental impact of their travels. In addition, we’ve created a green travel toolkit to help guide our clients in researching sustainable solutions.”

Clients will be able to purchase offsets for all their business and private travel, even on charter flights or using a jet card membership with another company. Members of Magellan Jets also have the option to fully offset their membership or to offset their travel on a per flight basis.

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